August 01, 2014


Big inspiration in a small package.

A little dog named, Anderson Pooper, has been making headlines. She's a partially paralyzed Dachshund with a serious zest for life! She zooms around in her wheelchair and even participates in races. On July 13th, she participated in the 18th Annual Wiener Dog races at Emerald Downs and although she came in last, she was a fan favorite. Just listen to the crowd cheer for her!

Her disability doesn't stop her from being an active dog, nor do the stares of people who feel sorry for her. In the words of her owners, she is "as happy as she could be."

Anderson Pooper is not concerned about her finish time or where she placed. She's just happy to be out and about.

She is truly an inspiration.

Go Pooper!

July 25, 2014



Fitness is important for both you and your dog. The relationship between diet, exercise and health for dogs is not all that different from humans. The healthiest, happiest dogs I know get a good amount of exercise on a daily basis. Running with your dog is one great way for you to get fit together.

For many, getting started is the hardest step. Well, you are already out with your dog several times a day. Why not lace up a pair of sneakers and gradually pick up your walking pace? You'll be jogging in no time, with the best workout buddy you could ask for. All love and positive energy. If you are new to running and a bit shy, no worries, because your dog will never judge you. Plus, being out with your dog gives you license to be silly and awkward in public. So leash up, lace up and go at any pace, any distance, and just like that, you have a fitness routine.

If you already have a routine that includes running, bring your buddy along so they can burn off some energy and spend time with their favorite person in the world: you!

Here are some basic tips I picked up along the way while running with my Shibas, Tomo & Amie:  

  • Make sure your dog is healthy enough to run.
  • Allow your buddy to build up to distances.  Amie started at a couple of miles and worked up to 7-8 over several months.  She’s my little champ!
  • A pouch filled with tiny treat bites or a squeaky toy helps keep their attention.  
  • Have a bottle of water handy for hydration stops along the way. (I love H2O4K9 products:
  • Running can encourage bowel movement so extra cleanup baggies are a must.
  • Keep them on the opposite side of traffic on a shared path (right side if you are running with traffic, left side if you are running against).
  • A leash that clips around your waist is a helpful tool. They range from, functional:, to stylish: 
  • Most importantly, check in with your buddy to make sure they are handling the workout well.

Running with your dog is a great way for both of you to get exercise and an awesome way to bond. You don’t need a treadmill in the house or a gym membership to get fit.  Here at PinK, we believe exercise is just as important as a good diet, for you and your pup!

Stay tuned for to the blog for more tips and stories from the road.