About Us

Pups In The Kitchen offers a premium line of handmade homemade food for dogs.  Our food is made with local organic produce, grass fed meat and free range poultry.  We source all of our local ingredients back to the farm to ensure that your dogs get the safest, highest quality food possible.  All of the meat is not just 'human grade' - it is table quality.  Cooked in a home kitchen without any processed ingredients or grain fillers, it is exactly the way you would prepare food for your canine family member: pure, nutritious and table quality.  From sourcing local ingredients to cooking and packaging, we do all of the work and deliver the food right to your doorstep. 

Sourcing locally is not just a trendy expression around here. We are 100% committed to the farmers who provide us with the ingredients we need to provide your pups the highest quality food. 

Pups In The Kitchen gives your dogs all the benefits of home cooking without the work.






Pups In The Kitchen

We make table food just for dogs.