I see chicken bones in the food.  Is it safe for my dog?

Yes. The chicken is pressure cooked long enough for the bones to be chewed without splintering.


I can’t get the top off the jar and I don’t want to break a nail.

Wedge a knife under the edge of the lid to release the pressure.  Once you hear the lid “pop”, you will be able to lift it easily.


How long is the food good for?

On the back of each jar you will see a “BEST IF CONSUMED BY” date, which is 6 months from the day it was produced.  It is still good for up 6 months after that date, but you’ll notice that the color of the vegetables will change.  Why not order extra to keep on hand and avoid shipping & handling costs?

Once the jar is opened, the food should be consumed within a week.


How much should I feed my dog?

I recommend a ½ a pint of food per day for each 15 lbs of body weight for a moderately active dog.  How much food your dog will consume depends on his or her activity level.  


This food is very expensive. Can I mix it in with what my dog eats now?

Yes, absolutely.  Many people mix our food with dry kibble or wet food as a delicious addition to their regular meals.


My local butcher offers dog food.  How is your food different?

Dog food made by butchers usually consists of organ meats, and it is a wonderful, nutritious, protein rich meal for your dog.  My dogs often get small helpings of dog food from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats (Chelsea, NYC) or Hudson & Charles (West Village, NYC) as a treat, and they absolutely love it!  If I want to make it a meal, I mix in roasted vegetables and greens.

Our food does not have any organ meat and includes a variety fresh produce.