The greatest priority for Pups In The Kitchen is sourcing ingredients. With pet food recalls becoming common place, our goal is to source the food back to the farm. All of our seasonal produce, meats and poultry come directly from farmers with whom we have a personal relationship. Regular farm visits are made to pick up produce and occasionally to lend a helping hand. I learn first hand how the animals are raised and produce is grown. We heed the advice of one of our farmers, Guy Jones: "Don't buy food from strangers".  


Local and Organic Produce

At PinK, we source all of our seasonal produce from local farmers and our out of season organic produce is traced back as close to the farm as possible.

Local produce is bought from farmers who use sustainable farming methods so it is highly nutritious from having been grown in mineral rich soil. Having visited these farms, I have first hand knowledge of the work and care put into growing the produce we use. 

#knowyourfarmer isn't just a hashtag at PinK!



Grass Fed and Pasture Raised

Being hormone and anti-biotic free is not enough for the meat and poultry we use. We go above and beyond to source the grass fed and pasture raised livestock back to local farms. Grain fed meat is not terrible for you.  It just is not as good for you as grass fed meat. Grains are good for rapid weight gain resulting in fattier meat. Grass fed meat is not only leaner, but its fat is actually healthier with over 5 times as much omega-3s than grain fed meat.

Being pasture raised not only allows for livestock to feed on only what nature intended, but it also means greater care was taken in raising the animal. From birth, the lambs and calves are given expert care by the farmers and as I have witnessed first hand, is hard, hard work. 



Free Range

The USDA definition of free range birds are given limited access to the outdoors. The chickens we use birds given free access to the outdoors during day light hours and rest in their coops when it gets dark. So the chickens we use come from healthy, happy birds supplementing their diets with delicious critters found in their surroundings.  

We also use the shells of eggs laid by beautiful pasture raised chickens for added calcium in our Beef formulas instead of using bone meal.