Our Story

In 2007, a wonderful innkeeper named Sylvia changed my thinking about dog food.  That no matter how high the quality of dog foods, it is all still processed with preservatives and supplements.  From cancer to obesity, processed foods are not great for the body – human or canine.  So I created recipes for my dogs using colorful & nutrient rich seasonal local organic produce, grass fed meats and free range poultry to give them a balanced diet.   

Over time, I learned more about food and realized that how the food is grown and livestock is raised is essential to our well-being, and in turn our dogs. It was no longer enough that my dogs were fed table quality food.  I began to carefully source all of the ingredients, with all seasonal produce, meat and poultry sourced back to local farms.  I speak to farmers to learn their farming methods and visit local farms to see firsthand the amount of care put into growing the foods we eat.   These relationships and supporting the local farming community is an integral part of our business. We could not do what we do without their hard work and generous support. Please take a look at "Our Farmers" to learn more about them.   

Pups In The Kitchen takes these extra steps to ensure that your dogs get the safest, highest quality food possible. Our food is handmade in a home kitchen, without any processed ingredients, grain fillers or preservatives, with the same care used to cook our own food.  These carefully prepared recipes are pressure sealed in glass jars to last up to six months on your shelves, so the food can be safely delivered right to your doorstep. 

Pups in the Kitchen gives your dogs all the benefits of farm-to-table, home cooking without the work.




The Cook:

This is me, Gloria. I am the cook for Pups In The Kitchen and run the business with my two Shiba Inus, Tomo & Amie. What started out as cooking the highest quality homemade meal possible for my dogs is now a business. I love dogs and I love cooking. It's the perfect job!


The Spokes Models/Taste Testers/Cleanup Crew:


Tomo & Amie are the faces of Pups In The Kitchen.  As models, they do not get out of bed for less than two biscuits a day.  But don't need any coaxing to do their jobs as taste testers or pre-washing the cooking pots and pans.  





Pups In The Kitchen

Table food made just for dogs.